New Study Discovers the ‘Type’ of Vitamin D Needed for Good Health

Vitamin D is an important nutrient that your body requires to regulate the calcium and phosphorus levels of our blood. It is also known as the sunshine vitamin as exposure to sunlight converts the cholesterol present in the skin to Vitamin D. Sun exposure is the best source of Vitamin D but you can also derive...

4 Essential Oils You Can Use to Treat Muscle Soreness and Pain

If you exercise regularly or are a gym goer, you may have experienced muscle soreness or pain at some point. Muscle soreness is a delayed reaction of mild damage caused to the muscle fibers while performing a physical activity. The symptoms may usually appear within 24 to 72 hours after the activity. While it may not be a...

How to Avoid Falling Sick During Monsoons? Follow These Ayurvedic Tips

A downpour during the rainy season is often welcomed with great enthusiasm as well as a sigh of relief. After months of scorching heat, the rains help everyone bounce back with fresh doses of energy and vigour. But along with long spells of showers, the monsoonmonths also bring with them extended bouts of illnesses and several...

Improved Sleep Pattern May Help Kids With ADHD: Beware of Foods That May Kill Sleep

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is categorized as a developmental and behavioral disorder that affects the learning and behavioral ability in children. Kids with ADHD also depict signs of impaired attention. A latest study compiled by the Murdoch Children's Research Institute (MCRI) establishes a link between sleep and ADHD symptoms. "Simple adjustments to the bedtime routines of...

5 Incredible Cauliflower Benefits: From Reducing Cancer Risks to Brain Health

Have you ever wondered what the majestically shaped, intricately folded, off-white looking member of the cruciferous family of vegetables - cauliflower - entails? The stake it holds in the upkeep of parameters of the human body? It would not be incorrect to assume that the countless curves and folds in the body of the cauliflower plant...

The Dilemma of Weight Fluctuation: Causes and Remedies to Keep a Check

Do you wonder, why your weight fluctuates, even though you feel super light? Please remember when you see your weight very rapidly changing, it's certainly not the fat that is melting or suddenly coming back. What you drink and eat each day impacts your weight like your hormones, your work out , underactive thyroid,carb tolerance, stress , elevated cortisol, erratic...


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